Moodboard Mastery

Moodboard Mastery


What is a moodboard, and why does your brand need one?

We absolutely love a good moodboard, and if you’re anything like us then we’d bet you’ve been making moodboards since your teenage years without even knowing it! If you used to cut inspirational pictures out of magazines and stick them to poster boards or pin them to a cork board… that’s a moodboard! We’d even argue that using Argos catalogues to create your Christmas list when you were little was sort of like making a moodboard. 

The question is, did they have rhyme and reason, or were they more of a jumbled mess? Our moodboard making skills have definitely improved since our high school years now that we make them for a living (kind of). Moodboards are one of our favourite tools to help build brands. 

Define: Moodboard

A moodboard is a group of inspirational patterns, textures, images, phrases, type and colours that, when put together, help to guide and develop the mood of your brand. It’s extremely helpful for trying to communicate your vision to others… particularly designers!

So, now that you know why a moodboard is so important for your brand, are you ready to get started on your own?

You’ve got two options. If you prefer a more tactile project, you can channel your inner teen and make a beautiful collage out of fabrics, papers and your favourite magazines! If that sounds a bit on the messy side, you can use the most popular moodboard builder on the planet… Pinterest.

How We Use Moodboards

Before we get started with a branding or website project, we ask every client to create a Pinterest board for us. (It’s actually on our list of things to do before you start designing your website!) Our own Pinterest is colour categorised for you, so you can start thinking about your vibe and colour palette. By creating a Pinterest board for us, you’re allowing us to peek into your brain in a totally non-invasive way, and see your personal vision for your brand and/or website. We love this step, as it’s the perfect way to get you involved in the process! We’ve had discussions about removing this step, we’ll admit it; occasionally our clients can take the moodboard too literally, but we really do find them helpful, and they tie everything together beautifully.

Here’s our top tip for creating your own moodboard:

Before you pin something, stop and ask yourself – “does this image really reflect my brand, or do I just like it?”

Here are some other handy questions you can ask yourself:
– How do I see this image fitting into my brand?
– Does this image suggest the mood I want for my brand?
– Is there a wide range of items on my moodboard?

And here are a few tips to make your moodboard the best it can be:
– Pin a wide range of items, but make sure that you don’t pin specific fonts and other branding (like brand boards and logos)
– Always make sure that the items you’re pinning really feel like your brand! Is your brand neutral or colourful, luxurious or cheeky? 
– Pay strict attention to the colours you’re pinning. A high end brand works well with a monochromatic palette; a child friendly brand is generally bright and colourful.

Moodboards are definitely one of our favourite types of projects to complete, and we design them for brands of all shapes and sizes with all sorts of visions for their aesthetic! It’s so exciting to see the vision for a brand come to life.
Now… go get ‘em!
Go create the spectacular moodboard of your brand’s dreams!

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