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Frequently Asked Questions

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Simple Sites FAQ:

Won't my website look like everybody else's?

Not at all! The colour schemes on our templates are simply there to give you an idea of how a finished site might look. Once we’ve installed your palette, logo, typography and images, you’ll find that it looks completely different. The templates are just that; a template for your site’s format.

What if I don't have a logo/brand?

No need to panic, we can make one for you! We’ll design your basic brand guidelines including logo, colour palette and typography, and our Simple Sites customers can take advantage of an exclusive 20% discount on all design services.

How long will it take to finish my site?

This depends entirely upon which option you choose, and how long you take to provide content and approvals. With optimal levels of communication, Duplication takes one week, Half & Half takes two weeks, and Done For You takes three weeks.

How many images do I need for my site?

Every theme is different, and it’s good to have a lot of options to go at. Generally speaking, though, we always recommend providing at least 25-40 images.

I don't have my own professional photography. Can you help?

If a professional photoshoot is outside of your budget, we recommend taking a look at Unsplash for free stock images that don’t look too stocky. If you choose our Done For You process, we’ll source images for you!

What is copy?

Copy is all of the words on your website. Every page is going to require headlines, sub-headlines, paragraphs and call to actions, and it’s important that you don’t rush this bit. If you’re not wordy, we recommend going for our Done For You option.

Can we start before my copy is finished?

If your copy isn’t ready but you want to get started, we recommend either Duplicate or Done For You. If you’re unable to provide complete copy before starting, we can’t begin the Half & Half process.

What if I don't have copy?

We can write it for you in the Done For You process! You just need to provide us with some bullet points of what you want to say on each page, and we’ll craft your copy from there. With the Duplicate or Half & Half processes, you’ll need to write the copy yourself, and use the demo websites as a template to give you an idea of how much copy each section requires.

Is payment required to start?

Yes. We require £185 upfront to get started, plus the fee for any additional services which have been added to your order form. Once we’ve finished your site, we’ll invoice you for the remaining amount before handing over your site.

What if I want a lot of pages with a lot of copy?

If you’ve got 10+ pages and a whole bunch of copy, we recommend going down the bespoke route.

What's the difference between strategy and done for you marketing?

Done for you marketing is a full social media management service. We create your content, engage with your audience and grow your accounts on your desired platforms. 

Strategy is a 3-month plan for you to deploy yourself, in addition to a playbook to guide you and a content calendar to keep your brain in gear.

Do you offer Google Ads management?

Whilst this is something we’re able to do, it’s not something we recommend for small businesses.

What's the difference between websites, hosting and domains?

Think of your website like a house.

In order for your house to exist, it has to sit on a plot of land. This is like hosting your website on a server.

For people to visit you, they need to know where you live (i.e. your address) – that’s your domain!

I only need a logo. Can you help?

Your brand is SO MUCH MORE than just a logo, which is why our branding packages start with two logo variations, a colour palette and typography guidelines.

Do you do printing too?

We don’t offer printing in-house, however we do work closely with DR Designs in St Anne’s who offer amazing printing services for small businesses.

What about photography?

We have a photo studio for headshots and product photography in-house, and we’re able to provide this with 9 different backdrops and a ring light tripod for you to use with your phone for just £20/hour.
If you’re looking to get a photographer on-site, we can recommend some incredible local people with a lot of experience in the world of brand photography.

I'd prefer to work with you remotely. Is that possible?

We offer remote meetings via Zoom or Google Meet. We test regularly for covid in-house, and safety is our primary concern.

Can you also offer clean, vector artwork for logos?

Of course! Your brand needs to represent *you*, so that’s always our focus.

How will people find my website?

We provide a basic SEO checklist for all of our Simple Sites clients. We’re also more than happy to collab on a launch plan with you!

Can I update the copy and images on my website?

Once it’s built, you’ll be able to use the Gutenberg block editor in WordPress to simply point and click where you have content to alter.