Creating a Clear and Concise Brand Voice

Creating a Clear and Concise Brand Voice


Do you really need to worry about having a brand voice?

If you’ve got a website, you’re on social media, or even if you’re just running on business cards and flyers… the answer is yes!

One of the biggest factors in how your brand “feels” to readers (or in other words, potential clients) is your brand voice. It enables you to deliver concise and clear messaging on a consistent basis to your followers both online and offline.

And why is all of this so important? Well, it’s only important if you plan on retaining followers and creating a brand with real value… and we’re guessing that you probably want to do both of those things.

Just imagine if you had a particularly odd friend who looked/talked/acted differently every time you saw each other — inconsistency like that makes it pretty much impossible to build an authentic relationship. Having a consistent brand voice is just as important; it allows you to build a relationship with your followers. Got that? Then let’s move forward!

Now, take a moment and imagine your brand as a living, breathing person. What does that person sound like? What sort of tone do they use when they’re speaking? And where do they shop? Okay; if you think that your brand has an uncanny likeness to yourself then you’re probably on to something… But keep in mind that we’re focusing entirely on your brand as a person, not your target client. We’re doing this to ensure that when your brand communicates (online or offline) that they sound like your brand person, and you’re able to connect with your followers in a clear, strong and consistent way that they can always expect from you.

New challenge. Now we’re going to imagine your brand and your ideal customer together in an elevator. How would they talk to one another? Would they be serious or more lighthearted? What sort of connection would your brand want? Would they want to become close friends, or would they require some sort of action (like purchasing a product or a membership) to carry on the conversation? Look at the voice you’ve imagined for your brand; can it communicate naturally — like an old friend — with your ideal customer? If the answer to that last question is no, you may want to revisit the paragraph above. 

We can put a little perspective on all of this with a brief case study. Take a second to think about your favourite brands on social media; the brands you absolutely love to see on your feed. Look at two or three of these brands’ profiles and compare their posts. Do they flow together stylistically? Do they use the same language and tone in their posts, and do they post pretty consistently? We have a feeling they’re doing all of these things! They’ll be delivering a wonderfully strong and clear message and every time they post they’ll be using specific keywords from their brand voice. Over time, this will allow your mind to make notes on what to expect from them and how to understand them. Their brand voice has allowed them to develop a relationship with you and gain your trust… Min. Blown. Right?

We always recommend keeping your brand’s mission statement and keywords you’ve developed from this brand voice exercise in your work space. It’ll give you a constant reminder to use them when writing your blog posts and crafting content for social media. You’ll likely see a big increase in your followers and engagement as time goes on, because your readers will begin to notice a trend and know what to expect from your brand. 

…and we think that deserves a happy dance!

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