Basic Website Mistakes You Can Fix In Under 5 Minutes

Basic Website Mistakes You Can Fix In Under 5 Minutes


Being a badass business owner is no joke! Time is definitely your most limited resource, and you’ve got a never ending list of to-do’s on your plate 24/7. Being limited on time probably means that tweaking your website isn’t at the top of your list, but you can’t let your all important web presence suffer! It’s 2021: your website needs to be strong, but it doesn’t have to consume your time. We’ve rounded up a list of our favourite little website mistakes that can be fixed in less than five minutes, so grab a brew, get logged in, and let’s get to work!

Use Your Footer!

Are you neglecting your footer? Are you completely ignoring it!? You’re not alone; so many websites are seriously under-utilising their footers, but this is your opportunity to turn that ugly baby into a super sexy lady! Here are the most important things to pop in there:
– Your contact details
– Links to social media
– Terms & Conditions/Privacy Policy
– Copyright information
– All rights reserved
– Site designer credit
– Alternate logo or submark

Make It Super Easy To Contact You!

How positively ridiculous does this one sound? We know, but you’d be surprised! Recently, we decided to visit the websites of nearly 200 local businesses to get the lay of the land, and believe it or not this was actually the biggest mistake that we found! No contact page, no direct email shown, lack of contact information in general… you name it, we definitely saw it. We only found contact info in the footer of 20-30 out of 200 websites! You never know how much time your next potential client has to contact you: make it super easy for them.

Look At Your Calls To Action

Hooray, you’ve got a website visitor! And they use your neat and tidy nav bar to take them to each of your pages: awesome! But then just like a bouncy little puppy that just spotted a squirrel… *poof*, they’re gone. Remember; you have an average of 15 seconds to get a sale or another page view by providing an unmissable call to action before that website visitor disappears. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make them stay a little longer! Check each of your pages and make sure that a bold and clear call to action is on every one of them. Calls to action are anything that provides your visitor with more information and holds their hand to get them there. Things like buy now, learn more, more information, get in touch, etc.

Refine Your Photography and Page Copy

Back in my fine art student days, a tutor once told me “there’s no sense in diluting your portfolio with less than perfect work”. Of course, I’ve also been told before that I’m too much of a perfectionist because I never wanted to share rough drafts, but I digress…
The diluting your portfolio bit is actually really good advice when it comes to the photos and copy on your website. You should only be displaying your absolute best photos, and if you have any on your website that won’t make your visitors say “WOW”, get rid. Scan through every page of your website and remove any information that isn’t absolutely essential to getting your point across, as well as any unnecessary sentences. 

Make every single second spent on your website count: remember, you’ve only got an average of 15 seconds to retain or lose your visitors!

Simplify Your Menu

The overwhelm is serious and very real when you’re give too many choices, navigation wise. There’s nothing worse than a totally paralysed website visitor, and you never want them to be so frozen in their tracks that they have to guess what it is that you actually do — not to mention that if they’re overwhelmed by the number of choices, they’re probably never going to get to the “contact us” bit! Here are our top tips for minimising the overwhelm:

  • You don’t need a separate “Home” button in your menu. Make your logo link back to your home page!
  • Keep it as basic as possible. About/Contact/Services/Blog/Shop – or your own variation of these to fit your niche. If your navigation exceeds 7 pages, you’re probably overdoing it.

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