4 Things You Can Do To Make Your Designer Fall In Love With You

4 Things You Can Do To Make Your Designer Fall In Love With You

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Or in other words, “how to be a dream client!”
You see… in our time in business, we’ve worked with a whole bunch of people. For the most part, these people have been amazing and we have genuinely loved every second of working with them. But… as creatives we’ve all experienced those nightmare clients that really suck the energy and life out of a project. Harsh as it sounds, it’s true!

The behaviours of our most amazing clients definitely follow a trend. There are 4 very simple things they do that directly contribute to the absolutely out of this world awesomeness of their finished projects, and because we want your projects to end the same way it’s about time we shared those behaviours with you…

They know what they want and do their prep work…

The business of starting and building a business is definitely new to many (but not all) of our clients, but the very best ones do some serious research and have all of the little pieces in place before jumping head first into a website or brand build. Of course, we can’t possibly ask them to have absolutely every detail figured out. We do expect them to have some clarity on what they want, where they’re headed, and how they can allow us freedom to be our creative selves. They are well versed on our process and on their requirements for their own brand.

They let us be super creative…

Okay; emojis aren’t allowed in this blog post, but you know that one with two hands in the air? This is where that emoji would go.
Our most fabulous clients do enough research to lay a great foundation for us to jump off, but then they let us do what we do best… they let us create! When clients really trust us, their projects end up mind blowingly awesome, and that’s because the client didn’t lay too much foundation or try to control us. We need to know all of those ideas and big dreams inside your head to make your project happen, but we don’t need the whole house; just the foundation!

They know how to provide killer feedback…

Our very best clients know how to take in a proof or a first draft; they don’t respond immediately (unless that response is “I LOVE IT!!”), rather, they take their time and come up with some real notes. They’re able to answer the important questions like “what do you like about this/what do you not like about this?” Their feedback is helpful, and it can really be put into action. And most importantly, they know how to articulate why they do or don’t like elements of a design!

They are effective communicators…

This is an important one. They don’t use Facebook messenger. They don’t send 18 emails and start new email strands every time they have a new idea. They are efficient and they know how to communicate! They gather their thoughts into one email instead of firing off one after another after another, and they respond to emails within a reasonable window of time. Momentum is key to creativity!

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